If you are struggling with paying your bills, you should meet with a bankruptcy lawyer even if you are not ready to file for bankruptcy.

Here are some ways we can help you NOW:

  • Negotiate credit card debt
  • Mortgage modifications
  • Student loan deferment
  • Medical debt settlement

The earlier you create a plan, the MORE options you have.

Serving New Jersey Clients Through ALL Bankruptcy Matters

No one expects to find themselves in a position where they need a bankruptcy lawyer. We all work hard and do our best to keep our heads above water. However, due to circumstances often outside of our control, bankruptcy can and should be considered to help you get out of debt and start fresh.


5 Steps to Your Fresh Start with a Bankruptcy Lawyer

  1. You will no longer be afraid of answering the phone. Once you become our client we will deal with the creditor calls.
  2. You will no longer be afraid of opening the mail. Those harassing debt collection letters will  cease.
  3. Your wage garnishments, bank levies and foreclosures will stop.
  4. You will sleep better at night and become a better person. No one can be great at what they do with the stress of debt looming over them.  You will find that you will be more relaxed, get better at the things you do and enjoy life again.
  5. Your credit score will rise. We will give you the tools to not only get out of debt, but give you tools to increase your credit score and manage your financial affairs much better and save for a brighter future.

Our clients are good people who typically get behind on bills because of huge, life-changing circumstances like job loss, divorce or an unexpected illness. Even though the economy is slowly recovering, many of us on “Main Street” aren’t seeing the results and still feel pinched.

Even if you are out of options and have to file for bankruptcy, bankruptcy can eliminate most of your debt and get you on the road to a fresh start.

How Does Bankruptcy Work?

If you need help paying bills or consolidating your debit, we will work with you to explore all your options. Are you so financially over your head that you’re getting harassing phone calls from creditors or approaching foreclosure proceedings? The bankruptcy attorneys at The Tomes Law Firm, PC can help you decide if bankruptcy is right for you or if there is another solution.
Should you decide to take this legal route and file for bankruptcy protection, our compassionate, experienced lawyers can guide you through the sea of red tape and help you get your financial life back on track.


Disclaimer:  We are a debt relief agency. We also help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“I loved the way this law firm handled my case from the beginning. Even though it wasn’t an easy case due to the weird circumstances, Mrs. Tomes was honest and straightforward with me from the get-go. After a thorough presentation of the facts, we got the outcome we were looking for. Hands down I recommend this law firm to anyone looking for a good attorney. I will use them again without hesitation if need be.”