How does the automatic stay benefit people?

During the bankruptcy process, the automatic stay has been shown to ease the process for individuals. With the automatic stay in place, individuals cannot be contacted from their creditors. Creditors are barred from contacting debtors, which can stop harassment from them. This can take a weight off the individual’s shoulders by allowing them to focusRead More

What is business bankruptcy?

Business bankruptcy refers to Chapter 11 bankruptcy. This bankruptcy process has been known to help business owners keep their businesses afloat. When their businesses are suffering financially, they can file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy to help. Through this process, it will allow the business to remain open and operating on a daily basis. This canRead More

Wells Fargo Foreclosure Mishap: A Cautionary Tale About Needing an Attorney

Over time, helping people hold onto their lives with bankruptcy has expanded to a more complicated thing than just knowing bankruptcy laws. To really help someone in financial trouble, a lawyer needs to know about lending laws, consumer protection laws, and property ownership laws. Wells Fargo now admits that a computer error incorrectly calculated aboutRead More