Class Actions

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When an individual suffers relatively minor monetary damages, it is not very likely that he or she will pursue a claim against the entity that caused the damage. Companies take advantage of this and often get away with the injuries, problems and monetary losses they have inflicted upon consumers. There is strength in numbers. A class action claim can send a big message to companies that have sold unsafe products or treated consumers unfairly. The skilled New Jersey class action attorneys at Tomes & Hanratty, P.C. strive to hold negligent companies accountable for their harmful actions and seek compensation on behalf of NJ clients. If you are alone and believe that others may have suffered the same fate or heard about a law suit that fits your situation, you need the experienced legal support of Tomes & Hanratty, P.C.

Class Actions

In a consumer class action lawsuit, a group of people who have been ripped off by the same product or service bring a claim together. A class action lawsuit is effective because it allows people who have small damages to band together with a group of people who have experienced the same damages. Class action lawsuits can be very effective in putting a stop to the negligent practices of very large corporations. Our law firm handles class action claims involving issues such as:

  • Defective products
  • Defective automobile components
  • Defective household products
  • Improper finance charges
  • Harassing debt collection
  • Overcharges on leases and purchase agreements

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Tomes & Hanratty, P.C. has been a legal resource for the people of New Jersey for many years. Our firm steadfastly believes in seeking justice for our clients who need to engage in class action lawsuits in order to fight for fair compensation. Though you alone may not be able to fight a large company, with the strength of many, you could fight for justice. If you are the lead plaintiff or believe that you should be a part of the class action lawsuit, contact our firm to discuss your case. Our firm will assess your case, investigate others who may have had similar experiences and effectively represent the group in a class action lawsuit. If you need quality legal services from an experienced law firm, contact Tomes & Hanratty, P.C. today.