Mortgage Fraud

Monmouth County Mortgage Fraud Attorneys

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For most New Jersey residents, there is no bigger investment in life than the purchase of a home. We fill our home with memories, hopes, dreams and a lifetime of effort. It is more than just the roof that keeps the rain out and the walls to block the wind. A house is more than a collection of wood, glass, metal and nails. A home is something else. When your home is threatened by predatory lending or mortgage fraud, when you are facing foreclosure because of lenders who failed to disclose escalating interest rates or hidden fees, New Jersey home buyers have every reason to be cautious with mortgage lenders. If you believe that you are a victim of mortgage fraud, you should contact an attorney at Tomes & Hanratty, P.C. to discuss your case and effectively represent your interests and future.

Predatory lenders

People in the worst financial situations are often the people whom predatory lenders will target first, making a bad situation worse. Predatory lenders put ordinary homeowners in difficult or untenable situations with high broker fees, escalating interest rates, sub-prime mortgages that lead to prohibitive mortgage payments in just a few years, lease agreements with hidden rules, and even outright mortgage fraud. We see people taking advantage of cash-strapped families trying to make ends meet every day.

The warning signs

If you have obtained or attempted to obtain a mortgage or refinanced a mortgage loan in the past six years, and can answer β€œyes” to any of these questions, you may have been a victim of mortgage broker fraud and should immediately contact one of the consumer fraud attorneys at Tomes & Hanratty, P.C.:

  • Do you believe a mortgage broker charged too much or misrepresented facts to you?
  • Did the broker include any inaccurate information in your loan application?
  • Did you fail to get the mortgage or loan you were promised?
  • Are the interest rates on your loans more than you think they should be? Are the interest rates escalating?
  • Did your mortgage have hidden fees and rates?
  • Was there a high broker fee?

Contact our Freehold law firm for a consultation

The experienced mortgage fraud attorneys at Tomes & Hanratty P.C. are committed to helping you recover as much of your investment as possible. We know the law and, if you have been cheated, we will put it to work for you. The law firm of Tomes & Hanratty, P.C. is presently handling cases involving fraud and misrepresentation by mortgage brokers. We have been extremely successful in winning damages for other mortgage fraud victims in New Jersey. If you believe that you have become a victim of mortgage fraud, contact Tomes & Hanratty, P.C. today for a free consultation.