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Not all vehicles are up to standards and it’s not uncommon to drive off a new car lot or more often, a used car lot, with a car, truck or motorcycle that doesn’t perform as promised. That’s where the lemon laws comes into play. The lemon laws (Federal and New Jersey) exist to protect consumers, like you, when a dealer or vehicle manufacturer refuses to take responsibility for a vehicle that’s a lemon. If you have a vehicle that is truly a lemon, you can take the manufacturer and the seller to court. If you win your case, the manufacturer will have to pay for your attorney fees and damages in addition to replacing the bad vehicle. If you need our firm to protect you when lemon laws are a factor, contact Tomes & Hanratty, P.C. for a consultation.

Were you a victim of auto fraud in New Jersey?

If you have been a victim of a car dealer or manufacturer that took your hard-earned money but didn’t give you a safe, reliable vehicle in return, you may qualify for justice under the lemon laws. You have a right to a car or motorcycle that is performing properly and you have a right to force the company to honor its warranty. Find out if your situation falls under protection by the New Jersey lemon law, federal law or warranty law.

What constitutes a “lemon?”

A vehicle is considered defective if you return it to the dealer to have it repaired three times within 24 months or 24,000 miles, and the dealer fails to fix the problem. Under the New Jersey lemon law, you are provided the opportunity to return the car or motorcycle and replace it with a similar model car. Auto manufacturing is big business and they have attorneys who will use every tactic to avoid replacing the “lemon” you bought. Keep these facts in mind:

  • The State of New Jersey offers a number of ways to resolve a dispute with an auto dealer, but none offer the same protection as going to court with a lawyer.
  • If your vehicle has other defects that do not fall under the New Jersey lemon law, it may be possible to make a claim under other state and federal laws that protect vehicle owners.
  • There is a strict time limit within which you have to report the problem and give the manufacturer the chance to correct it. Once it passes, you may not recover any damages under the lemon law.
  • Cars are sold under express and implied warranties.
  • New cars and used cars are treated differently.

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Get the justice you deserve under the New Jersey lemon law. Tomes & Hanratty’s Freehold lemon law consumer rights attorneys have spent more than 30 years representing clients who have been taken advantage of by Big Business. We are experienced in protecting the rights of consumers and we will fight to get you the damages you deserve. If you need quality legal services and guidance, contact Tomes & Hanratty, P.C. for a consultation.