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bard IVCRepresenting victims of Bard IVC complications

Bard IVC is used for patients who are at risk of developing blood clots and is used as an alternative for blood thinners. C.R. Bard is one of the major offenders when it comes to negligence in producing inferior vena cava filters, or IVC’s. There have been a number of reports of device migration and punctured organs in people who have received these devices. Bard has several filters, including the Recovery filter, G2 filter, and the G2 Express filter. If you believe that you may be a recipient of a faulty medical device, the experienced attorneys at Tomes Law Firm, PC can assist you in bringing a claim against these manufacturers.

Some of the symptoms or injuries include:

    • Cardiac or pre-cardial tamponade
    • Severe and constant chest pain
    • Internal bleeding or infection
    • IVC device migration
    • Shortness of breath
  • Nerve injury

Lawsuits Against C.R. Bard

The FDA has determined that IVC’s have high potential to cause severe injury or death to persons who have not have the device removed in the allotted timeframe. In addition, while the device is implanted, there are a high number of risks associated with the filter that may entitle a person to compensation as a result of the injuries they faced. There have been instances of unsuccessful removal attempts, over 300 patients with device migrations, 70 with IVC perforations, 56 with filter fractures and 146 instances where the device components became detached.

It eventually came to light that Bard was aware of the severe risks and potential for harm that are associated with its IVC filters. The study was done about these hazards in December 2004 but they were continued to be used. In 2010, the FDA became aware of at least 900 instances of injuries related to this device.  There have been an estimated 49,000 filters that have been installed in the US since 2005.  In addition, about 343,000 people may still have these in their body today.

On August 18, 2015, Federal Judges centralized 22 lawsuits involving Bard IVC in Arizona.  The FDA issued a warning letter to Bard because investigators had found that Bard misclassified about six serious injuries and one death as device malfunctions. There is also an ongoing investigation concerning whether or not the FDA ever actually signed off on the device, or if Bard forged the necessary signature.

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Bard’s inferior vena cava filters can cause serious harm to your well-being. These severe injuries may have effects that take a negative toll on the rest of your life. They may require other surgeries or cause severe pain and internal damage. Tomes Law Firm, PC can provide you with strong legal representation in your case against a medical device manufacturer and help you recover damages for your pain and suffering, loss of wages, and medical expenses.