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Dogs are wonderful. Dogs can be a part of the family. They provide companionship and comfort in your time of need. With the right training and discipline, a dog can be more than just a pet to a family. Unfortunately, not all people should be dog owners and often fail to train and control their animal. When this happens, irresponsible dog owners put others at risk for injury. Dogs can inflict serious injuries that can include torn skin, tendons and muscles, lasting nerve damage, and serious disfiguring scarring. After being injured by a dog, you could have a lifetime of burden, financially and emotionally. Immediately after the bite, you should get medical attention. Once you are tended to, you should get information about the owner and the dog. Try and talk to witnesses that may have seen your accident occur and document where it happened. A dog owner is responsible for their animal. If you were injured because of a dog bite, you need an effective legal team to represent your interests. If you need our help, contact Tomes & Hanratty, P.C. for a free, no obligation consultation.

Liability for a dog bite

The wrong dog owner can lead to serious consequences stemming from a dangerous animal. There are laws in place to protect the public from dangerous animals and many irresponsible dog owners ignore those laws. When a dog is in public, the owner must have the dog on a leash and demonstrate control the whole time. Some dogs are mandated to wear muzzles whether or not they are dangerous. If a dog was to bite you in public, the owner would be strictly liable for your injuries and the aftermath. Dog owners are even responsible for their dog’s actions on private property. New Jersey is strict about its laws that mandate the registering of dogs with the local municipality and the upkeep of necessary medical records, especially rabies. If a dog seriously injures a person, the owner will most likely be held liable for damages and New Jersey courts can consider the dog dangerous leading to the possibility of euthanasia.

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Tomes & Hanratty, P.C. has been a legal resource for the people of New Jersey for many years. If you have been injured by a dog, you need quality legal services from an experienced law firm. Unfortunately, dog bite injuries can end in terrible results. If you have been injured because of a dog bite, you need to explore your legal options. You should not sit idly by while an irresponsible dog owner’s negligence impacts your future. Our firm is ready to fight for your rights. If you need our legal support, contact Tomes & Hanratty, P.C. for an initial consultation.