Monmouth County Sports Neglect Attorneys

Representing NJ clients neglectfully injured in sports

Sports are a significant part of the American identity. Rural farm towns to urban communities rally around high school sporting events that make up a substantial part of many’s social calendars. Sports are generally wonderful, healthy activities for children. They teach discipline, teamwork, alternate dispute resolution, and even how to handle a loss. Coaches and teachers are great role models for many of these students whether they are engaged in sports for fun or working towards a future career doing what they love. Unfortunately, every sport comes with risk. Children are bound to be hurt every so often. Coaches and others should take every precaution to ensure the safety of their athletes. When they don’t and a student athlete is hurt, it could be time to consider one’s  legal options. If your child’s injury was caused by the neglect of a school official or coach, contact Tomes Law Firm, PC

Concussion Neglect

Concussions are brain injuries that occur from something hitting your head or body, causing your head and brain to move back and forth rapidly. This could be from anything – the ground when someone falls, a ball hitting him or her in the head, or even a car accident. All concussions are serious. No matter how hard you get hit or fall, all concussions should be treated the same.

Bone Fractures

As most of us know, a fracture is a broken or cracked bone. This type of injury can happen to any bone in the body and usually occurs after a heavy blow to the bone or an awkward movement. Fractures are commonly categorized as open or closed. An open fracture is a clean break where only the bone is injured, whereas a closed fracture is a break where the tissue and skin around the bone are affected as well. When a person sustains a fracture because of a sport, it is important to explore the reason for the fracture.