Monmouth County Workplace Accident Attorney

Representing clients who are injured as work

Every person who is employed has a job with some degree of danger. If you work construction, you are more at risk for injury than those who are employed in offices. Even though construction is a more dangerous occupation, it does not mean that the office worker is safe from injury. Whether you work a dangerous job or a reasonably safe one, when you are injured, you may face a serious situation. Most workplace injuries are covered under workers’ compensation. This allows you to get the medical treatment you need without the need to prove negligence and sue your employer. If you are injured in the workplace and the insurance company is trying to deny that your injuries are as serious as you know they are, contact Tomes Law Firm, PC to protect your rights. If you are facing the need to take legal action against a third party, contact our firm to construct a strong case and ensure that you are justly compensated. For quality legal support from an experienced law firm, contact Tomes Law Firm, PC today.

Construction Accidents

Construction sites, even small-site home renovation projects, are dangerous by nature. When reasonable safety measures are not taken, the potential for accidents greatly increases. Yet people routinely do not take safety measures necessary to keep construction sites safe. If you are injured on the job, you have rights under New Jersey’s workers’ compensation laws. If the injury was not purposefully caused, your medical bills and a percentage of your lost wages will be covered.