New Jersey Denied Social Security Disability Claim Attorney

Gavel on Social Security IDRepresenting NJ clients facing denial of social security disability

All too often, people who have injuries or illnesses that render them unable to work have their Social Security Disability claims denied. The U.S. Social Security Administration denies about 60% of the Social Security Disability (SSD) applications it receives each year. In many cases, claims are denied because forms weren’t filled out properly or disabilities haven’t been documented correctly by medical professionals. When this happens, the claim is denied based on a paperwork mishap, not on whether your medical situation truly warrants approval of the SSD claim. If your disability claim has been denied, it’s not too late. At the law firm of Tomes Law Firm, PC, we help injured people obtain Social Security disability benefits even after their claims have been denied. The focus of our legal practice is protecting the rights of injured people. If you need our legal support after being denied for SSD, contact Tomes Law Firm, PC

What is the process for appealing a denied claim?

    • Time limits: You have only 60 days after your claim is denied to file an appeal.
    • Reconsideration: If you request a reconsideration, the Social Security Administration will take a fresh look at your application by using someone who wasn’t involved in the initial decision.
    • Request a Hearing: You have the right to a hearing before an administrative law judge. The hearing is normally held relatively close to your home, usually within 75 miles. In some cases, closer exceptions or video conferences can be made for people with severe disabilities. The judge will not have been a participant in any prior denials. The judge will let you present evidence. We can review your file, make sure all your records are complete, bring in proper employment and medical records and challenge the prior findings. We can also get you ready for the hearing and bring in witnesses such as vocational and medical experts if needed. Additionally, we will challenge any negative findings by Social Security.
  • Additional Appeals: Social Security allows for additional appeals if the administrative law judge denies your claim. We, at Tomes Law Firm, PC will explain these additional appeals that you’re allowed to take and how to maximize your chances of success.

Contact Tomes Law Firm, PC in New Jersey if your SSD claim is denied

Whether you are at the beginning of the process and filing an initial Social Security Disability claim or you have already been denied, Tomes Law Firm, PC will provide you with experienced representation. When you call the Tomes Law Firm, PC law office to obtain a free, no-obligation consultation with an experienced Freehold disability claim lawyer, we will discuss exactly what you can expect from the SSD application process. Additionally, we will tell you whether you have a good chance of having your claim approved upon appeal. We will prepare you case to maximize your chances of being awarded benefits. If you choose to have an experienced attorney at Tomes Law Firm, PC represent you, we will guide you through the appeals process, including filing a Request for Reconsideration and, if necessary, appearing before an administrative judge to argue your case.