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If you are struggling with paying your bills, you should meet with a bankruptcy lawyer even if you are not ready to file for bankruptcy.

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No one expects to find themselves in a position where they need a bankruptcy lawyer. We all work hard and do our best to keep our heads above water. However, due to circumstances often outside of our control, bankruptcy can and should be considered to help you get out of debt and start fresh.

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Why Financial Literacy is so Important

Financial literacy is having an adequate level of knowledge about personal finance (such as saving, budgeting, credit management, investing, taxes, insurance and more) so that you can make informed and effective decisions with your money.
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How to Fix a Mistake on Your Credit Report

A Consumer Reports study found that many consumer credit reports contain inaccuracies. This can lead to problems with loans and higher interest rates. If you find a problem with yours, what should you do?
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How will I know when I need to file bankruptcy?

You will know it is time to file bankruptcy when you are overwhelmed by debt and unable to reduce your debts at a reasonable pace. You may have lawsuits filed against you, and garnishments against your wages, tax refunds, and even bank accounts..
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