If you are having issues with the IRS because of back taxes that are owed, it is important to discuss your situation with a team of professionals dedicated to doing the whole job.

  • Are your IRS debts keeping you up at night?
  • Are your IRS debts making you afraid to open your mailbox?
  • Are you scared when the phone rings?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed because of an IRS debt issue and want to get back on track?

If these questions are eating away at you, it may be time to call Tomes Law Firm, PC. We are an experienced law firm with a tax attorney, bankruptcy attorney, Former IRS Revenue officer, enrolled agent and certified public accountant to help guide you. When you partner with our firm, you are tapping the talents of dedicated and knowledgeable legal and financial professionals ready to guide you through your legal matter.

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Lower Your Tax Debt with an IRS Offer in Compromise
Wondering if there’s a way to reduce the amount of back taxes, penalties, and interest you owe the IRS? There is! An IRS Offer in Compromise (OIC) is a taxpayer program designed specifically to help those who are struggling with rising tax debt.

Ease Your Tax Debt with an IRS Installment Agreement
Nobody likes owing the IRS money – and when the amount you owe seems insurmountable, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Fortunately, you have the option to pay it off on a monthly basis with an IRS installment agreement.

Remove IRS Penalties and Interest with a Tax Abatement
If you fail to file, pay, or neglect your taxes in any way, the IRS will find out. The penalties and interest they impose can pile up and become a bigger problem to deal with than the tax you may have owned in the first place. If you find yourself in this situation for the first time, a tax attorney can file a tax abatement, requesting the IRS to eliminate certain penalties on your account.


If you or someone you know (i.e., relatives, friends, partners, employees, subcontractors) is currently facing IRS difficulties, you can find out how to get back on track with these insider secrets to tax relief. Learn how to get a leg up on back taxes and delinquent tax returns so that you can avoid severe IRS penalties and financially debilitating levies on your wages and bank accounts – as well as ultimately get a fresh start.

With years of record deficits, the government is more eager than ever to get every dollar of back taxes and IRS penalties from delinquent taxpayers. If you find yourself owing back taxes and IRS penalties, here are the seven little secrets the IRS hopes you never see.

IRS problems do not go away on their own. Begin the process today of solving your IRS/state tax problems – once and for all. You owe it to yourself and loved ones. Get a FREE tax relief consultation and let us permanently solve your tax problem! You can call us at 732-333-0681 fill out our form for a free consultation to discuss your options in confidence.

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