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Frustrated with not getting through the IRS? Only 3% of the calls from the general public number ever get through to a person according to according to Eric Collins, of the National Taxpayer Advocate’s office. Even the practitioners phone line is up to a 3 hour wait. For the past year, I have been telling my clients be patient as their installment agreements and offers in compromise have gone unprocessed over their back taxes. At first it seem like they were stuck in the pandemic like the rest of us — until the truth came out.

A report from the National Taxpayer Advocate said that the IRS has officially given up on answering every taxpayer telephone call for assistance. They can’t keep up with the pace. Yet the IRS has increased its collection division. So collection notices are going out and yet no one can get through. Millions are taxpayers are waiting for refunds and millions are trying to work out past due collection notices. For those waiting to work things out, interest and penalties keep piling on.

Many IRS notices claim wrong amounts. Frustrated with not being able to get through people either just pay or hope it goes away, unaware that interest and penalties keep building up. If the IRS claims you owe taxes that you don’t think you owe, or that you cannot afford to pay them all at one, dont just give up or ignore the situation. Give us a call today.