DWI Defenses in New Jersey

Individuals who are charged with driving while intoxicated in New Jersey are facing a lot of very serious consequences. It is important for an individual who has been charged with a DWI or any other offense to retain the services of an experienced attorney that can look for defenses on behalf of the individual. ThereRead More

Points on a NJ Driving Record

While many of New Jersey’s drivers obey the rules of the road, some fail to do so and end up suffering the consequences. When a driver commits a traffic violation, they may be subject to serious fines and other penalties, such as points. When points are added to a driver’s record, the individual may faceRead More

Another Tax Scam

The IRS has warned about a new tax scam involving fake CP2000 notices.  If income from a W-2 or 1099 does not match the income reported on a tax return, the IRS sends a CP2000 notice.  The notice is always sent by the IRS via mail. It is NEVER emailed. In the new scam, aRead More