What is drug court?

New Jersey is consistently working to fight against the drug addiction epidemic that has plagued the nation. One way they have chosen to do so is through a program known as drug court. This is a program made available to people convicted of drug-related offenses that aims to rehabilitate them of their substance abuse issue. NotRead More

55,000 Women Bring Lawsuit Against Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson has been a trusted name in household goods for generations and is now recently under fire for a number of different problems caused by products used by women. For years, it was engrained in the minds of women across the country that Johnson & Johnson makes the most trustworthy products that are the bestRead More

Asbestos-Related Personal Injury Cases

One of the worst causes of lung-related disease that impacts millions of Americans is asbestos. For years, it was used to insulate buildings, in car brakes, and throughout shipyards, and only recently have people begun taking a stand against manufacturers and employers that exposed so many people to asbestos. These fibers can be easily inhaledRead More