Your business is almost like your first born.  It not only provides the financial support for you and your family but it is an extension of yourself, a dream that you have turned into reality. You want to see it thrive and continue, and to provide support beyond your lifetime. Your business is more than the money you bring in from it, but how you want to impact  your community and the world. You want to make sure  you do things the right way and get the help you need.  You need a trusted advisor who can help you grow your business. Big business has in house counsel to proactively see problems, avoid them or mitigate them, and turn them into opportunities.  Level the playing field with your outsourced legal counsel – The Tomes Law Firm, P.C.

How We Are Different

Unlike a lawyer in a “big law” law firm, we are entrepreneurs, just like you.  We know the trials and tribulations of starting a business, growing a business and making that business have an impact.  We are not just about drafting client documents, taking your check and then saying good-bye so you get no legal advice until it is too late – you are sued or you have to sue.   Once your business entity documents are drawn up, we want you to succeed and grow your business, not spend time in a court room fighting about everything.  You may need contracts with vendors, employee handbooks, succession and partnership agreements, updates to your prior documents and proper business planning with the proper insurance coverage, financial controls and tax strategy and the proper technology.   We are there every step of the way.  Keeping in touch with your needs, keeping you informed of any changes in the law, and providing the foundational support you need.  We will recommend advisors for you if you need them, or work with yours to make sure that all there is a complete communicative plan in effect. We start with a LIFT foundation plan for you wherein you will review  your Legal, Insurance, Financial and Technology needs.  From there we will map out a plan that is affordable and comprehensible to help you grow your business and not just set it up. You concentrate on keeping your customers and clients happy, and we will take care of the back end for you.

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