Our Bankruptcy Attorneys Can Help
If you are struggling with paying your bills, you should meet with a bankruptcy lawyer even if you are not ready to file for bankruptcy.

IRS & Tax Debt
If you are having issues with the IRS because of back taxes that are owed, it is important to discuss your situation with a team of professionals dedicated to doing the whole job.

Credit Card Debt
Over $6 trillion in credit card debt exists in the United States.  With high interest rates, it is one of the hardest debts to catch up on. There are ways to negotiate  your debt but they do come with consequences.

Medical Debt
Over $3 trillion is spent on medical bills, with an average of over $10,000  a year per person.  Medical debt is hard to deal with because it is often unexpected and often comes with the temporary or permanent loss of income from injury or disability. 

Student Loan Debt
45% of students who graduated with a bachelor’s degree last year will owe student loan debt.  The average loan was approximately $30,000; however that loan depending on the payment and interest rate could balloon to over 6 figures by the time it is paid off.