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Everyone knows someone who, at one time or another, has unfortunately had to deal with a diagnosis of cancer. For this reason, many people routinely undergo cancer screenings, including mammography, prostate exams, colonoscopy, etc. Many people, especially those with a family history of cancer, are hyper-vigilant and quick to report any out-of-the-ordinary symptoms to their doctors. What happens when a medical professional fails to take reported symptoms seriously, fails to perform certain tests and otherwise fails to respond to a patient’s complaints? Moreover, what happens when a doctor fails to follow up on abnormal test results? All of these circumstances and others may cause your doctor to misdiagnose your condition or fail to diagnose your cancer in a timely manner. If you believe that the diagnosis of your cancer was caused by the negligence of a doctor, you may have a medical malpractice case. Contact Tomes Law Firm, PC for a consultation today.

The law holds medical professionals responsible for their actions

Physicians have a duty to properly and thoroughly examine, diagnose, and treat patients’ illnesses in a timely manner. Any delay or failure on the part of a doctor to diagnose cancer can seriously impact a patient’s chances of survival. When a doctor fails to perform these duties properly and his or her negligence causes further harm to a patient, medical malpractice has occurred. You have a right to rely on your physician to:

    • Recognize obvious symptoms of cancer and know when to order testing to check for less obvious symptoms
    • Respond to patient complaints and descriptions of symptoms
    • Order appropriate tests
    • Follow-up on abnormal results
    • Inform patients about the dangers of cancer
  • Stress the importance of regular preventative screenings

What happens when doctors fail to diagnose a deadly disease in a timely manner?

Physicians who fail in these duties are endangering patients’ lives and may be liable for medical malpractice. This occurs when a doctor’s negligence causes a patient to:

    • Undergo a more severe treatment regimen than necessary (such as chemotherapy)
    • Died because cancer had metastasized and no longer responded to treatment
  • Face a greater chance of recurrence because, in some cases, a delay in treatment increases that risk

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If you or someone you know has been a victim of medical malpractice, call the medical malpractice attorneys at Tomes Law Firm, PC We can prove delayed diagnosis and hold your doctor accountable. Our firm has handled many cases for patients whose lives were lost or disrupted due to the failure of their doctors to treat them appropriately. If you need quality legal support and advice, contact Tomes Law Firm, PC