Consumer Protection

What is the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act?
What are debt settlement companies?
How can I deal with collection company harassment?
I have been ripped off by a home improvement contractor. What should I do?
I have been ripped off by an auto dealer. What should I do?
Who is protected by the New Jerey Consumer Fraud Act?
What constitutes a home improvement contractor?
What are some of the violations auto dealers can make against the consumer fraud act?
What are some of the violations repair shops can make against the consumer fraud act?
I have been ripped off but only by $50. Does it pay to go to court?
I had my car repaired by an auto dealer and got ripped off. What should I do?


Bankruptcy overview
What debts are dischargeable during bankruptcy?
How do I know if I qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy?
What is a chapter 13 bankruptcy and what is important to know about it?
What are the benefits for filing bankruptcy?
My bank has been frozen by creditors- what should I do?
What credit counseling courses are required prior to filing bankruptcy?
What assets can I protect during bankruptcy?
How to prepare for filing bankruptcy?
Re-establishing credit after bankruptcy
What is foreclosure and how to deal with it?
What should I do if I’ve been served with a foreclosure notice?
How can I reduce my mortgage during bankruptcy?
What can I do if I can’t pay back my student loans?
Can I default on student loans?
New Jersey Class Loans

Personal Injury

How much time do I have to file a lawsuit for my accident case?
Can I sue if the accident is partially my fault?
What happens if I’m injured in a car accident and the other driver has no insurance?
Who will pay my lost wages and medical expenses after an auto accident?
What is no fault law in New Jersey?
How long will my accident case take?
Will I have to go to court during my accident case?
What happens if I slip and fall on someone else’s property?
Who will pay my medical bills and lost wages after a slip and fall accident?
What damages are recoverable in a personal injury case?
Will my accident case have to go to trial?
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Cancer Misdiagnosis

Criminal & Municipal

New Jersey’s Criminal Justice Reform Act
New Jersey Expungements
What happens if I get a traffic ticket and I live out of state?
Do I need a lawyer for a traffic violation?
New Jersey Weapons Charges
License Suspension for Reasons Other Than Drunk Driving