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When we are in court, we frequently see people acting as their own lawyers.  And it is ugly. Very ugly.   The best comparison is probably between bankruptcy law and a car’s transmission.

Its fairly easy to get a transmission off of a car when it isn’t working, and even open it up.  And even pull it apart.  But the putting it back together, with differential gears, fluid levels, and chewed up parts, is not so easy. Same thing with a bankruptcy case. Just about anyone can tell  you how to put it together (no-money down bankruptcy firms, I’m looking at you). Once it’s started it takes experience and training to know how it going to function, and how to get it to function best for the owner/client and how to get the best results.  Just like a transmission, it might seem expensive and horrifying, but not as expensive and horrifying as the car accident you get into if your transmission isn’t functioning at peak performance.

So, in court and in auto repair, you do not want to get the least pensive and the easiest, you want the most experienced to be looking out for you. Bankruptcy is not a do it yourself project. It is your life.