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At some point or another in an individual’s life, they may be pulled over by a law enforcement for committing a traffic violation. These violations are very common but still can be very serious, even if an individual didn’t realize they were breaking the rules of the road. Some of the most common traffic violations that are committed in New Jersey include speeding, reckless driving, cell phone violations, and driving without a license.

Arguably the most common traffic violation is for speeding on New Jersey’s roads. If an individual gets a speeding ticket, they may be subject to fines and points on their license. When points are incurred on someone’s license, they may be faced with increased insurance premiums.

If an individual is faced with a reckless driving violation, they may face very serious penalties and even time behind bars. Reckless driving can include excessive speed, willful damage of property, or driving while intoxicated.

If an individual is found to be distracted due to cell phone use behind the wheel, they may be subject to hundreds of dollars in fines and even points on their license.

Driving without a license is very serious as well and may result in additional loss of driving privileges and hundreds of dollars in fines.

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