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The general public trusts medical professionals to inform them if any potential health issues arise. When medical professionals make mistakes or are blatantly negligent, their patients can suffer tremendously. In some of the worst cases, a patient may even pass away as a result of their doctor’s negligence.

If an individual goes to the doctor or the emergency room suspecting that they may be suffering from a serious medical issue, the doctor should listen to their symptoms and treat them accordingly. Doctors have years of training and should be able to know what symptoms may be indicating. Of course, this should be the standard regardless of whether a person comes into the emergency room feeling ill or if they are just going to routine doctors appointments with their own doctor.

Some of the most common late or completely missed diagnoses can include:

  • a delayed diagnosis of cancer
  • failure to diagnose appendicitis
  • failure to identify symptoms of a heart attack
  • failure to identify symptoms of a stroke

Of course, when a doctor doesn’t diagnose these serious health conditions in a timely manner, there may be situations where it is too late to do much of anything to help the patient. If you have been the victim of a delayed diagnosis, contact our firm today.

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