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If your initial claim for benefits was denied, you have only 60 days from you denial to appeal. You may not want to hire a lawyer to appeal. But instead of going it alone, get some help. My booklet, Helpful Suggestions for Appealing a Denial of Benefits offers more than 20 practical tips to help you appeal as well as help you in your Initial Application. You will learn, for example:

  • Don’t focus on your worst impairment. “List all of your medical conditions, whether you are communicating with Social Security, your doctor, or your lawyer. Social Security will look at all of your medical conditions, not just the worst one. A condition you don’t think is important might affect your claim in a way that you did not consider.”
  • Continue your medical care. “You might feel that your treatment is not helping, or maybe you have difficulty affording treatment, but if you cease treatment, Social Secutity may logically assume that you have recovered or no longer need medical help. For the good of both your health and your claim, it is important that you follow your doctor’s treatment recommendations.”
  • Information to have at-the-ready when you call a disability lawyer: “When calling a lawyer, begin by providing the status of your claim (applied with no answer yet; application denied on [date]; appealed with no answer yet; appealed and denied on [date]; etc.). Be prepared to summarize your prior work experience, impairment, and medical treatment. You will also be asked your age, highest grade completed, the date you last worked, and the reason SSA gave for any denial.”

Our suggestions are organized under these headings:

  1. Why Most Applications Are Initially Rejected
  2. Tips for a Successful Appeal
  3. Common Mistakes to Avoid
  4. Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

If you would like a copy of this booklet contact us to obtain a copy or if you would like to speak with an experienced Social Security disability attorney, please call us. We would be happy to do a video call or a phone call at your convenience.