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One of the most unfortunate things is to be involved in a car accident with a driver that does not have insurance. However, if that occurs, not all hope is lost. If you have an automobile insurance policy or live with someone who does, chances are you have what is known as uninsured motorist coverage on your policy. Uninsured motorist coverage provides for benefits to be paid to you as a result of an uninsured driver. In addition, if you do not have automobile insurance of your own, the state of New Jersey provides a limited benefit of up to $15,000. If you have serious injuries that far surpass $15,000 worth of coverage and your own policy has a higher limit of underinsured motorist coverage, we can go after your own insurance company for the rest of the cost of your injuries.

It is important to know that New Jersey has two main policies, the Basic Policy and the Standard Policy. The Standard Policy will allow you to bring a claim against your own insurance company because you do have uninsured motorist coverage. However, the Basic Policy does not protect you from uninsured motorists because the policy is just not big enough. This policy only provides people with $15,000 for personal injuries and only $5,000 for property damages. It is important to not write the situation off immediately, but to speak to an attorney so that they can determine whether or not there are any other possible insurance avenues for you to pursue.

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