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An estimated 23% of Americans have medical debt they cant pay and an estimated 41% are trying to pay off medical debt. Medical debt is the leading cause of individual bankruptcy filings and the stigma behind filing bankruptcy no longer exists as more and more Americans turn to bankruptcy protection to get a fresh start.

The COVID pandemic not only brought about major illness, but the loss of jobs and health insurance, leading to unpaid medical bills. Although medical debt is now no longer reported on credit reports, medical providers can still sue for unpaid medical bills. Often many patients thinking they owe the money anyhow do not bother to answer the complaint and let a default judgment get entered against them. That its a bad idea as that judgment can follow you for 20 years and even 40 years if the creditor renews it. That judgment allows the doctor or hospital to garnish your wages and drain your bank accounts but also results in a lien on any property you now own or will own in the future. The best course of action is to file an answer and work out a settlement or payment plan. The litigation lawyers at Tomes Law Firm can help you do just that.

If the debt is too overwhelming to even work out payment plan, we can talk to you about possible filing for bankruptcy which will wipe out the debt. Although many people have concerns about filing for bankruptcy and the impact it will have on them, the impact of unpaid judgments is worse. At Tomes Law Firm, we have programs in place after your bankruptcy is over to help you get back on track even faster to recover from any negative impact. Also, many of the negative issues you think exist with bankruptcy are a myth.

The level of medical debt that is crushing people’s lives since the pandemic is heartbreaking. That is why the lawyers at Tomes Law Firm offer a free strategy session to discuss your options to deal with debt. Contact us today at 732-333-0681 for your free consultation. The longer you wait, the less option you may have.