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Sometimes, a situation will arise in which a person got ripped off by someone they purchased a product or service from. However, they did not pay a lot of money for the product or service so they do not feel as though it is worth going to court over. For some people, $50 is just not worth the trouble. If you feel like the money that’s in dispute, say $50, isn’t enough to go to court over for you, you might be right. Losing $50 won’t be the end of the world and you can move on. However, you also might be wrong for two reasons; one, $50 is $50, and in New Jersey, the Consumer Fraud Act actually awards you three times what you lost plus all the costs of going to court. The New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act is really designed to let you enforce the law just like you were the government.

The other side of the coin is it may be $50 to you, by prosecuting your case, by bringing a lawsuit against this person that ripped you off for $50, you may be stopping them from doing it to other people. You may be one of only thousands of people that they did this to. You have the ability in New Jersey to protect the public, to keep the market fair, to make sure everything is above board by using the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act. If it’s $50 or $50,000, the law looks at it the same way. No fair is no fair.

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