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A home improvement contractor in New Jersey is actually defined. Somebody sat down over in Trenton and wrote out a definition for what a home improvement contractor actually is. It’s anybody who does any work for money on your home. Your home is a residential dwelling. If you have somebody come over and say, I can clean your gutters. I will put in a pool. I will fix your porch. They are a home improvement contractor, and they are subject to a long list of rules. The rules aren’t particularly onerous, they are just what is fair.

They need to tell you how much they are going to charge for their services, how long the job is going to take and what materials they’re going to use. They need to get the permits from the town so you don’t have a problem with the town. If you don’t do those things, they are not allowed to charge you any money. If you have somebody who comes to work on your house and doesn’t give you all the information you feel like you need to make a real decision, don’t hire them. If you have already hired them, then you should see a lawyer because if they’re not giving you the information that you need to know what’s going on, then they’re probably not going to have the information at hand to do a very good job. It’s your house. You will be the one left there when they leave and you may end up with a problem.

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