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When people are faced with an accident or sudden illness, it can greatly impact their lives. They may not be able to continue performing their usual job due to the effects of their accident or illness. If you cannot work and your source of income is lost, this can lead to even more changes in your life. Your financial status can be compromised due to your inability to maintain employment. If this happened to you, you can seek the aid of social security disability.

Social security disability includes monetary benefits to you and certain family members. This is granted if you have worked long enough in your lifetime thus far and paid social security taxes. With this source of income, you may be able to continue living your normal life as if you did not lose your previous employment.

What are the qualifications for social security disability?

Not everyone is given the benefit of social security disability. Individuals must qualify for it. Some of the requirements to qualify for social security disability include proof that you can’t work because of a disability and demonstration that the disability is physical or psychological. When this is provided, social security will look to see if your specific disability is on their list of impairments. If you can prove that you are on that list, then you may be able to qualify.  Proper medical evidence is required to verify your inability to work.

However, individuals who are not on the list of impairments may have to undergo more of an investigation. Social security may look at your work history. They can assess what kind of work you do, what you may be able to do with your present disability, your medical history and your age to determine if you are eligible. To meet the requirements, you must have worked a set number of years in your lifetime. The number of years will vary depending on your age. The Social Security Administration will have records of this information. However, you have the right to challenge these findings.

Individuals must be under the age of 65 to qualify. Those who are over the age of 65 should apply for standard requirement social security benefits instead.

How do you apply?

When applying for social security disability you will need to establish that the disability has prevented or will prevent you from working for 12 months. Applicants can file directly through the Social Security Administration or through the help of our experienced law firm that specializes in social security disability.

This process can be a long and tedious one. Not everyone will be granted approval for social security. If you are denied, you can appeal the denial. In order to do so, it is best to have the legal help of our skilled attorneys. We want to ensure a better future for you.

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