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Accidents can happen every day whether you are driving on the road or walking along it. Drivers become distracted and hit one another. Sometimes they may even get distracted and miss the sight of a pedestrian crossing the road. This can lead to terrible accidents that result in serious injuries. Pedestrians can be injured seriously to the point where they may even be killed. If an individual has driven in a negligent manner that has contributed to an accident, you can recover damages from them to provide for your injured self. Negligent driving that can lead to pedestrian accidents usually includes cell phone usage, reckless or careless driving and driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If a driver has committed one of these wrongs when they injured you, they can be held responsible.

Sometimes the driver may not be totally to blame. Road conditions could have led the driver to drive dangerously into an accident. When roads are filled with potholes, drivers often swerve to avoid them. This could lead to a pedestrian accident. Other conditions that may lead to an accident involving a pedestrian include debris and spills, uneven surfaces, sidewalk closures and weather conditions. While weather conditions are out of our control, they can lead to disastrous consequences. The driver’s visibility could have been interrupted by another vehicle, lack of lighting or physical hazards that blocked their view.

When the driver is held responsible for the accident, you can receive compensation in the form of payments for medical bills and lost wages. You may also receive a monetary value for your pain and suffering from the injury and its impact on your future quality of life. If you have been struck by a vehicle, you could be covered automatically. As long as the driver has the proper insurance, you become covered under their Personal Injury Plan, which is a no-fault insurance. This will immediately cover lost wages and medical bills. However, you could be entitled to further compensation based on your accident if you did not receive a sufficient amount. If you wish to pursue a lawsuit against the driver, contact an attorney.

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