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When a consumer purchases a product, they assume that the product will work as expected and they will get exactly what they paid for. However, this is not always the case and sometimes there will be a product defect either in the design or in the manufacturing of the product. In many situations, the issue impacts a large number of the consumers who purchased this product. When a lot of consumers are having the same issue, they may consider joining together to bring legal action against the negligent party. This is beneficial for people who wouldn’t usually bring a lawsuit on their own over something so small because it would be too expensive on their own. However, when a major consumer base is affected, a class action lawsuit can send a message to the company that their negligence should not be tolerated.

Some of the most commonly seen class action lawsuits include defects in household goods, automobile components, personal care products, and food items. When a class action lawsuit is put in place, the company will likely issue a recall on the product. They may even do so before a class action lawsuit is issued in an attempt to stop other consumers from being impacted by their negligence. This is especially important when the health and safety of consumers is put at risk.

If you have questions about class action lawsuits, it is important to contact an experienced consumer protection attorney.

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