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Six Flags Great Adventure is a beloved part of Jackson Township that New Jerseyeans of all ages flock to each year. However, we all know the danger that comes with these thrill rides. A family is bringing a lawsuit against Six Flags, claiming that their daughter was injured on the El Diablo rollercoaster in 2015. The lawsuit claims that the girl’s lap-belt came undone during the course of the ride and she had to hold onto a shoulder harness to keep her in her seat. According to, the girl suffered serious and permanent strains, sprains, and “severe shock to her emotional, psychological, and nervous systems.”

One of the major issues with the suit is that the family did not abide by the Notice of Claim. At Six Flags and across New Jersey amusement parks, anyone who has been injured at the park has 90 days to inform a park operator of their injury prior to filing a personal injury lawsuit. However, this family filed their lawsuit in August 2017 when the accident happened in September of 2015. While yes, they abided by the 2-year personal injury statute of limitations in New Jersey, the case may be dismissed because of the failure to file Notice of Claim.

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