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It is the dread of almost every business owner – keeping their business records in order. Yet it is a necessity. What do you really need an a second’s notice that should be in a separate folder:

  1. Your organizational records: Your articles of incorporation is you are incorporated, your entity registration, your EIN number, your licenses.
  2. Your present insurance policies and declarations page with your instructions on how to report a claim: Business, liability and workers compensation at a minimum.
  3. Your last year’s tax return
  4. Asset and purchase records
  5. Loan records or lines of credit

Once these records are in order, you can then deal with your regular income and expense record and your employee records

Tips on how to organize this information or how long to keep these records are just a part of some of the services of our LIFT your business SMART program. Contract us for a free trial to let us help your business grow.