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A debt settlement company is a company that is going to offer for a fee to settle your debts for you. Credit cards, medical bills, things like that, but here’s the deal. They are going to ask for their fee up front. They may try to work with your creditors, they may not, but you won’t know until you start getting lawsuits. At that point, they’ll have their fee, and they’ll be done with you. In New Jersey this kind of operation is actually illegal. It’s considered a crime. It is also a violation of the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act. You should go to a lawyer after one of these companies has victimized you because that’s really what it is, you’ve been victimized. They know you are in a tough situation. They know you want to try to resolve your debts and settle with your creditors.

What they do is they take money that you could have given to the creditors, and they keep it themselves. You should go see a lawyer. You should get your money back. You should help other people in the state by putting these companies out of business. The only way these companies are going to stop preying on people in your situation is if somebody stands up and makes them stop. We’ve been successful in suing these companies, recovering money for our clients, and helping our clients resolve their debts legitimately without getting ripped off, without wasting money, without wasting time. There’s no need to use these companies. If you have gotten involved with them, you should get an attorney right away because you have the right to not be ripped off.

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