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It’s no news that New Jersey is facing a serious drug epidemic, but new statistics were released stating deaths from drug overdoses has reached greater heights than ever before. The report, done by NJ Advance Media, shows that there were over 2,000 deaths due to drug overdoses in New Jersey throughout 2016. This is nearly 1,600 deaths higher than the state had in 2015. It is believed that at least 1,200 of these deaths were as a result of heroin overdoses.

This analysis comes as New Jersey is working throughout the state to combat the drug epidemic. The most dangerous drug and has resulted in over 1,210 deaths. However, it is also shown that the drug that has the most rapid increase is abuse is fentanyl, which some say is even more dangerous than heroin. New Jersey is taking a number of measures to put a stop to the number of deaths. There are many different locations throughout the state for a person battling an opioid addiction to receive help.

If you are arrested for a drug crime in New Jersey and are battling addiction, there is a chance that you may be eligible to attend drug court and avoid time behind bars. If arrested, it is essential that you retain the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney who can advocate for you to attend drug court and provide you with other legal assistance you may need.

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