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Memorial Day is a fun, exciting start to the summer. People all over New Jersey pack up the car and travel to beaches and local BBQs in search of rest and relaxation. While people trek from party to party, there may be some factors to consider.

Starting May 22, 2017, New Jersey law enforcement began the annual “Click It or Ticket” campaign focused on promoting seat belt safety. For the next two weeks, hundreds of police agencies and the state police will be working overtime, aggressively pulling drivers over that are seen not fastening their seat belts. Last year, according to the Division of Highway Traffic Safety, 375 police agencies participated shelling out 26,000 seatbelt citations. According to the announcement, a majority of these tickets will be issued at checkpoints on various sized roads across the state. Obviously, it is important to wear your seat belt, but it is important to understand how your life could change at an instant and how these checkpoints can lead to further legal problems.

Memorial Day is supposed to be a fun weekend to let loose, enjoy some sunshine and maybe kick back a few alcoholic beverages. Though many people stay in one place, there are times when alcohol and a busy holiday weekend can lead to trouble. If you were to be pulled over during this campaign and there was suspicion of drunk driving or even drug use, a routine seat belt check could lead to arrest. It happens all the time. It is important to drink responsibly. If you must travel, be sure to drive under the legal limit, 0.08% BAC, which, for most people is about one drink per hour with a glass of water in between, though this formula’s dependency is contingent on the weight and height of the subject.

If legal problems do arise, contact an attorney immediately. If you were found guilty, you could face overwhelming fines, jail time, and a license suspension.