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When you go to have your car repaired, the repair shop has to give you a written estimate that you sign and any changes to that estimate have to be in writing. They also have to give you your old parts back if you ask for them. They are required to give you any warranty that comes with the parts that they put in your car. You know, when you open the box and it has a warranty and it says this part came from. That way if something goes wrong with the part, you can go straight to the manufacturer.

However, a lot of shops don’t do that. When you get repairs done on your vehicle, you should always ask for your old parts back, ask for the boxes the new parts came in, and ask for copies of the warranties. What some repair shops will try to sell you is a service agreement or some other warranty that’s just a duplicate of the warranty that came with the original part. It’s important to know what you’re actually paying for when you’re getting repair work done. If you don’t know what you’re paying for, you may end up paying extra for things you don’t need. In many situations, unfortunately, repair shops will try and take advantage of you, especially if you don’t really know too much about cars. Or if they think you look like you don’t know anything about cars. It is an unfortunate reality, but it does happen because people with broken cars will do anything they can to get them back on the road again, even if it means spending much more money than they have any idea they need to.

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