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The New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act protects anybody who buys anything. If you buy a service, if you buy a product, if you’re a business and you buy it for your own use; if you bought 4,000 reams of copy paper for your office and the paper was defective, you’re protected by the Consumer Fraud Act. Just like if you bought a couch for your house and the couch fell apart in a week, you’re protected by the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act. If you hire somebody to do a service for you, if you hire somebody to work on your car, fix your sink, build a new office in your office building and something doesn’t go right, you have the right to sue under the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act.

The idea of the Consumer Fraud Act is to protect what is called the marketplace, to make sure everybody’s playing fair. It’s not a law where people go crazy suing. I can sue for anything. The idea is it makes sure everybody plays fair because it’s impossible for the government to keep any eye on every single transaction that happens in the state every day. By prosecuting the case enforcing your rights, you’re helping other people become aware of their rights, and you’re possibly helping to get a bad actor, somebody who can’t do their job right, out of the marketplace so other people don’t have to deal with them.

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