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Over the course of an individual’s working life, they contribute part of every paycheck towards the Social Security Administration. The purpose of this contribution is to make sure that they can receive government assistance through Social Security Disability Insurance in the event that they become disabled and can no longer continue working as they once could. Of course, not all injuries or illnesses necessarily qualify an individual to receive benefits under Social Security Disability Insurance. In addition, the disabled party will have to qualify under SSDI as well because they will have to have worked for a certain period of time and have paid a certain amount of money into the system in order to benefit themselves.

When an individual applies for assistance through Social Security Disability Insurance, they will have to prove their disability, which isn’t always an easy task. It is sometimes difficult to prove certain disabilities such as migraines, arthritis, mental disorders, and other disabilities that are difficult to see and test. Some of the evidence that the disabled party can provide to the SSA includes their work history, age, education background, the results of medical testing that has taken place, the diagnoses of doctors, and evidence of limitation or pain.

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