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You happily open the mail, until there it is: A letter from the IRS. Your stomach goes into a pit. You open it with dread and the paper has in bold print Notice of Federal Tax Lien. A Notice of Federal Tax Lien (NFTL) is a public record and is generally filed with the County Recorder where you reside.  It’s a formal notice to all your creditors that the IRS has a secured interest in your real and personal property.

A federal tax lien is usually the “kiss of death” however, there are 4 ways to resolve a federal tax lien – You can request a Lien Subordination, a Lien Discharge, a Lien Release, or a Withdrawal of a federal tax lien.

A federal tax lien will make it very difficult, if not impossible, for you to purchase or sell a home, vehicle and other property on credit.  It may also prevent you from accessing the equity in real property you may have built up over the years.  However, the IRS has several different options that deal with resolving a NFTL if you qualify.  

One of these is to apply for a Withdrawal of the lien.  Winning a Withdrawal of a NFTL is as if it never happened in the first place! The IRS will consider this if the Lien was filed prematurely or was not in accordance with IRS procedures, which happens a lot!  It’s important to consult with a tax resolution professional. A tax resolution professional will see what Lien relief programs you may be eligible for before the IRS starts seizing your property. The good news is that you generally won’t have to meet or even speak with the IRS while we’re retained. We can help protect what you already own and preserve your rights!! Just call 732-333-0681 for a free consultation and strategy session.