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Making the decision to purchase a car is an important investment and making that purchase from a trusted auto dealer can help ease some of the stress that is associated. Sometimes, buying a car can go smoothly and you can be on the road within the day. However, in some situations, things don’t go well and you end up with a faulty car or paying more than you realistically should have. If you feel like you haven’t been treated fairly by a car dealer, there are two ways to resolve that in New Jersey. You can go to arbitration through the Division of Community Affairs or you can go to court. Generally, I would recommend going to court because it is a more formal process, and you have the right to a jury of other people to hear about your problem. The first thing you should do is collect all the papers having to do with the car. The second thing you should do is have the car thoroughly inspected by a mechanic and get a written report, meaning the mechanic will write out a list of everything that’s wrong with the car.

Take that list, along with all the papers from the sale to a lawyer. Only then can the lawyer sit and compare what was promised with what was actually received. If it’s not something that happens within a few weeks of buying the car, it may be too late. When you initially buy a car, you need to be very aware of noises, knocks, pings, and other problems with the car. Likewise, you need to be very aware of what you were promised when you bought the car and not have unreasonable expectations. It’s important that a mechanic look at the car and evaluate it so a lawyer can evaluate if you got what you were promised.

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