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Researchers at Rutgers just announced their results of a study that show yet another commonly used product that may result in cancer. This time, it’s hair dye. The study assessed 4,285 women who have breast cancer diagnoses throughout New York and New Jersey. The results showed that many of these women used hair relaxers and dyes of different shades, for different lengths of time.

One interesting aspect of the study is regarding how these products impacted women of different racial backgrounds. For example, the study showed that there was a 51-percent increase in the risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer for African-American women who used darker shades of hair dye but this increase was not present in Caucasian women. The study also shows that it also was dependent on which types of hair dye was used and that there was a higher risk for salon dyes as opposed to do-it-yourself dyes.

The study warns that you aren’t automatically going to get breast cancer just because you use hair dye or a hair relaxer. A lot of research still needs to be done on the subject, as the study didn’t even account for which brands of hair dye or relaxers they used. If brand names had been available, researchers would be able to look deeper into the ingredients within the dye that may have an impact on the link. Many of the women who were involved in the study also had other factors that could result in cancer, including family history, tobacco use, consumption of alcohol, reproductive history, and more.

It will be interesting to see further studies on this topic come to light. Those who have been diagnosed with cancer due to the use of hair dye may eventually have a lawsuit, but only after further research concludes additional links.

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