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One of the things that you should keep in mind when you are involved in an accident is that there are time limitations to file your claim that are known as statutes of limitations. It is important to know which statute of limitations your claim will fall under because there are different time frames for personal injury then there are in for cases such as debt collection, for example. The typical amount of time that a person has to file a complaint in the state of New Jersey for a personal injury action is two years from the date of the accident. However, there are exceptions to that. Certain claims such as claims against governmental entities require a notice of claim in as early as 90 days after the accident. Failing to file that claim within 90 days that puts the governmental entity on notice could result in your rights to file a claim against that entity being barred forever.

Therefore, it is important that after an accident you seek legal counsel immediately to determine whether or not there are any shorter time periods other than the standard two years. It is possible that during the first 90 days you may not be concerned about filing a lawsuit because you may think your injuries will get better. However, if that 90 days passes and your injuries become much worse and you have not filed that notice of claim, despite the severity of your injuries you will not be able to do so at a later date.

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