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Struggling with overwhelming credit card bills can be a challenging and stressful situation. Fortunately, filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in New Jersey offers individuals a chance to regain financial control. Let’s talk about how our Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys were able to help Emily find relief with this option.

Emily, like many others, faced a mountain of credit card bills that seemed impossible to catch up wiht. Credit card balances, medical bills, and personal loans had accumulated, creating a constant source of stress and anxiety. Overwhelmed, stessed, and unable to sleep, Emily turned to the The Tomes Law Firm for help.

We discussed the many options available: Consolidation, Settlement and Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Emily realized that Chapter 7 Bankruptcy was her best option but she was concerned that people would think she was a failure. The bankruptcy lawyers at Tomes Law Firm assured her that was not the case. They showed her that many successful people had filed for bankruptcy and then got a fresh start before they became successful – Emily would too. The bankruptcy lawyers at Tomes Law Firm explained so many others had been in her situation and may even be her neighbors. After seeing how many others like her had gotten a fresh start, Emily decided to go with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Immediately there was relief. The credit card companies stopped calling and texting her. The letters in the mail stopped coming. With representation, the credit card companies could not longer contact her. She could finally not cringe every time her cell phone went off because it was no longer a creditor, and she could get her mail without a panic attack. And every time she stumbled and got scared, the bankruptcy lawyers at Tomes Law Firm supported her and picked up her spirits with their compassion.

She no longer had to worry about getting sued and her bank accounts being emptied or her paycheck garnished, or worse her employer finding out about her situation when the garnishment came.

The most significant benefit she experienced was the discharge of her past due bills. This meant that her credit card balances, medical bills, and personal loans were wiped away, providing her with a fresh start. The burden of catching up from the never ending interest was lifted, allowing Emily to breathe a sigh of relief and take control of her financial future.

After her Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the bankruptcy lawyers at Tomes Law Firm enrolled her in a free online class to help boost her credit score that had suffered from so many past due bills. With their help, her credit score rebounded and she was able to get lower interest rates than in the past.

Emily got relief and is now on top of her bills and even saving money. She has a new better car that costs her less money because of a lower interest rate. She sleeps well, smiles a lot and is happy. If you want a fresh start today, call the lawyers at Tomes Law Firm today to discuss your different options for a fresh start. Call us at 732-333-0681 for a confidential free strategy session.