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The law in the State of New Jersey was changed in 2006 for bankruptcy where before you file your case, you have to do credit counseling. Conveniently enough, you don’t actually have to go anywhere. These classes are all online and they all have 1-800 numbers if you don’t have a computer. It takes about 45 minutes, and you answer questions about your budget. You have this much money coming in, this is what groceries cost, this is rent or mortgage, this is phone, cable, and they don’t really tell you anything you don’t already know. They are probably just going to tell you that you shouldn’t buy caviar, you shouldn’t take that vacation to Hawaii, but it’s required that anyone filing bankruptcy takes this course.

What happens after you take the course is that your lawyer will get a certificate that looks like something you got in grammar school, and there will be a code number on it. That code number has to be put into the court’s computer, who will then check with the counseling agency that it was done and that you have fulfilled your course requirements. It’s a requirement and it needs to be done, and some people do find it helpful. Once your case is filed you actually have to do a second course called the Financial Management Course, which is similar, produces a similar certificate, which also has to be sent into the bankruptcy court. This is just one of the many steps in filing for bankruptcy and it is important for you to get these courses out of the way so you can proceed with the next steps as soon as possible and acquire some relief on your debt.

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