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As the COVID-19 pandemic shut down continues, mental health is deteriorating as what we thought would be a 2 week even drags on. During this ordeal, although you are not in the office or maybe no even working, did you ever think to yourself “I need a vacation.”  You are not alone the phrase is used countless times.  Everybody needs a getaway, an escape from all the burdens of daily life.  We are allowed to feel like we need to get away, we are allowed to take a step back for one night and treat ourselves like we are on a vacation retreat.  Complaints of ‘I need a vacation” have grown as we are in shut down mode. So we got some tips from the experts on how to deal with this stir craziness and anxiety and depression that is seeping in. Here is what they say:

Practice setting aside time to create a “vacation” for yourself without having to get away.  Personal space is just as important as socializing as well.  Even though we are in a quarantine and unable to have many interactions other than who is in the household try to do a few self-soothing practices, let loose and have some fun, or lounge catching up on the latest book with some noise cancelling headphones.

Take a time-out- Practice yoga, listen to music, light a candle, and learn new relaxation techniques.  It is okay to step away from your daily life to focus on maintaining your own stress level and desensitize. We each pull ourselves out of bad mental states in different forms, just be sure it’s healthy.

Ever feel like you aren’t doing enough?  Do your best.  Trying hard and striving to achieve your goals will make you thrive when you reach them.  Remember not to get wrapped up in the thought that it has to be perfect and that you may not always be pleased with every outcome, but you will be pleased with the effort and determination.  Take pride in what is accomplished along the way.

Inhale & Exhale slowly.  Taking deep breaths alleviates pressure in our chest’s, it allows more focus due to more oxygen traveling through our bodies blood streams.  When we are under stress we tend to not just be in mental stress, but put our physical bodies through stress as well.  We can also include counting numbers.  Counting can help distract your mind from the current stressor.

Get enough sleep!  Rest is vital and important to our physical and mental health.  When we are stressed, our bodies need additional sleep and rest.

Eat well-balances meals.  Our bodies need the right nutrients to work and function properly.  Without the energy provided from food a healthy mind won’t exist. Exercise daily.  When your body feels good and you feel good about your body you also feel better about yourself and provide yourself with a healthier stress reducing lifestyle.

Welcome humor.   Find ways to make yourself laugh.  A good laugh can genuinely be all you need to save the day.  Listen to comedians, YouTube channels, people in your daily life, or look to let some jokes of your own out despite what you may be feeling.  Maintain a positive attitude.  Make an effort to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts.

Learn your triggers for anxiety. Can you identify what is triggering your anxiety? Try to keep a journal to write in when you are feeling stressed and anxious. After logging anxious try to see if there are any correlations between the reasons documented. 

Talk to someone.  Tell friends and family you’re feeling overwhelmed, and let them know how they can help you.  Talk to a physician or therapist for professional help.

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