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Premises liability cases can hold someone accountable for an injury that occurred on their property. Property owners have a responsibility to maintain a safe premises. When they fail to keep their property safe, someone can be injured on it. The injured party may be able to prove that the property owner was negligent, making them responsible for the accident that occurred. These accidents can happen based on a variety of circumstances. With colder weather upon us, snow and ice can lead to accidents. When it snows, property owners have a certain amount of time they are given before they have to remove snow. If they do not remove the hazardous conditions in this period of time and someone is injured, they can be held accountable. However, if an individual was injured before the time period of removing snow expired, they may not be able to hold the property owner responsible. They proceeded at their own risk instead of giving the owner time to remove the snow and take precautions to prevent slips from ice.

How can inadequate security be involved?

Inadequate security can be a cause for a premises liability case. Every property should take certain measures when it comes to their security. Security cameras should be present to record traffic and activities on and near their property. If a crime were to occur, this can help law enforcement track down suspects. It may also be able to provide a time of the occurrence. Other security measures should be taken as well. When security measures prove to be inadequate, it may show that the property owner is negligent. If someone was injured on a property due to inadequate security, they may be able to hold the owner responsible for failing to update their security. Property owners should make sure they are updating their technology and securing their premises. This can be important to pedestrians safety. If an accident were to occur where better security could have prevented it, the owner may find themselves in legal trouble. A property owner may be entitled to pay damages in a premises liability case that involves inadequate security. These damages can help someone who has been injured in this accident.

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