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As soon as you file for bankruptcy, you will breathe a sigh of relief. Why? Creditors will stop calling you. The mailbox will not be overflowing with collection notices. Wage garnishments will stop, giving you more money in your paycheck. Bank levies will be released allowing access to your accounts.

But what about my Credit Score?

A bankruptcy will show up on your credit report. But chances are you already have a low credit score. You can begin rebuilding your credit score as soon as you are discharged in a Chapter 7 or confirmed in a Chapter 13 case. Some of our client have seen their credit score go up by 100 points because of our Free Credit Score Rebuilding Program we offer them.

In fact, letting our bankruptcy lawyers file your bankruptcy petition and then enrolling you in this course when done will set you off the right path to success. Our clients who have successfully completed their bankruptcy and our credit score program with our bankruptcy lawyers have gone on to have an interest rate on a new car substantially lower than it was before bankruptcy, and they have even been able to refinance their homes at a cheaper rate. They have gotten a fresh start in life

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