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At the last Case Management Conference, Judge Fallon expressed a desire to put an end to the litigation caused by Xarelto’s increased risk of increased death due to gastrointestinal bleeds as well as strokes and cranial bleeds and encouraged the parties to start settlement negotiations.  Often when that happens, the practical deadlines to file claims gets shorter.  Why?  Because it is practically impossible to settle or litigate a pharmaceutical claim after a nationwide settlement.  The drug company knows the costs of proving a case can be over $100,000.00 and therefore takes a no pay position.  That level of cost will often result in little compensation to the victim.  Therefore, if you or a loved one of yours has been injured by Xarelto, you may want to join the more than 22,000 victims who have already filed suit.   Court documents show that the drug companies were well aware of this increased risk, and were also well aware that this was no fix to stop the rampant hemorrhage the way there is with other blood thinners already on the market and used for decades.  Yet they marketed these products as safe to doctors and to the public in order to capitalize on over $5 BILLION in sales.   The court documents were so outrageous that a jury found Punitive damages of over $26 million.  Unlike compensatory damages which compensate a person for their injury, punitive damages are awarded to punish a defendant and send a message to the company to cease flagrant conduct and reform or deter the defendant and others from engaging in conduct similar to that which formed the basis of the lawsuit.  They are rarely asked for or awarded in most civil suits. If you would like to file a claim or want more information on Xarelto or other prescription medicine litigation, contact us.