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Although citizens of the United States have the right to possess a gun with the proper permits, there are some restrictions on what they can own. In New Jersey state, individuals are allowed to own a long gun. When someone wants to purchase a long gun, including a rifle or shotgun, they should gain possession of a lifetime purchaser identification card to acquire the gun. This can identify them as the holder of the gun and register that they have this gun in their possession in the system to prove it is a legal purchase. Handguns are also allowed to be possessed in the state by residents. A person has to have a permit to purchase this firearm to regulate the buying and selling of guns. When individuals want to purchase a handgun, their permit to purchase is only valid for 90 days, meaning they have to complete the transaction during this time.

Why do I need a gun permit?

Gun permits are required to monitor the buying and selling of guns within a specific state. It can identify an individual as the owner of the gun that is registered. If someone were to be involved in a crime and the registered gun is used, it can be tracked back to them. This can establish who owns a firearm. If the firearm is used illegally to harm someone, it can easily identify the individual who owns it. Each gun may have a different permit that goes along with it.

When individuals go to purchase a gun, it should be from a licensed gun dealer or a resident of the state they live in. Handgun transfers are monitored by the New Jersey State Firearms Investigation Unit with some exceptions. These exceptions can include firearms that are willed to a transferee and guns that are brought into the state by new residents of the state.

What penalties can I face for violating a gun law?

When gun laws are violated, individuals can face penalties. These violations can include wrongful acquisition of a gun or involvement in crime. Illegal possession of a machine gun or handgun can be considered a second-degree crime that leads to imprisonment of five to 10 years. Illegal possession of an assault rifle can be a second-degree crime while illegal possession of a rifle or shotgun can be a third-degree crime. Illegal possession of an air gun, spring gun or weapon of a similar nature is considered to be a third-degree crime that can lead to a jail sentence of three to five years.

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